Better Expo Better MFEC – The first set of MFE Center activities with satisfactory ending

2016-05-28 | Holiday Inn: Shanghai Jinxiu (399 Jingzun road)

MFE Center has organized a gathering on 27th May together with ICBC Shanghai Municipal Branch in Holiday Inn: Shanghai Jinxiu, providing not only an opportunities to exchange market information with industrial clients, but also a chance to discuss with ICBC bank on specific financing issues that may be helpful for company’s development.


On behalf of ICBC Shanghai Municipal Branch, Vice- President Jiang Heng made a very brief but important speech for the opening ceremony. Then three clerks from ICBC who are in charge of leasing, settlement of exchange and personal biz sharing their experiences. After a short tea break, which was a hand-made coffee show by MFE Center clerk, Ms. Zhang Haoran, a senior lawyer from Ince & Co law firm also brought her excellent experiences in ship leasing cases.


As the first one of MFE Center featured services set activities, its satisfactory end with a lecture made by Mr. Wu Zhihai CEO of MFE Center.